The orders are shipped once a week, mostly on Friday. The buyer acknowledges delays, which can occur due to this method.


Buyer retains the right to cancel his contract / purchase within 14 days upon fulfilment.
The aforementioned cancellation period shall expire 14 days after the date that buyer, or his appointed representative (excluding any third parties solely responsible for transport of purchased items) accepts deliver and physically takes possession of the purchased items.
To effectively cancel a purchase, buyer shall notify seller (Firearms United Austria, Gassergasse 2-8/2/15, A-1050, Vienna, AUSTRIA; Email: info@firearms-united.at) in writing (e.g. via letter, fax or email) of his decision to cancel his purchase. The template, provided below, may be used for this purpose.
Any notice of cancellation demonstrably dispatched by buyer within the cancellation period shall be deemed valid.


Upon valid cancellation of purchase by buyer, seller shall reimburse buyer within 14 days in full for all payments made with regard to the cancelled purchase. Reimbursement shall include shipping costs for standard delivery; additional shipping costs for other methods of delivery (if requested by buyer at time of purchase) shall be excluded from this provision. Seller will use the same method of payment used by buyer during purchase for reimbursement, unless both parties consent in writing to use of a different method.
Seller shall not charge any fees for reimbursement to buyer under any circumstances. Seller retains the right to delay reimbursement to buyer until all items affected by cancellation have been delivered to seller, or until buyer provides certificate of dispatch to seller, whichever occurs first.
Buyer shall dispatch / return all items affected by cancellation to seller no later than 14 days from the date of dispatch of notice of cancellation. Buyer shall bear the cost of shipping for all items returned. In addition, buyer shall be liable to reimburse seller for any damages to returned items due to improper handling by buyer.


(If you would like to request a refund, please fill out this form and return it to:)

Firearms United Austria
Gassergasse 2-8/2/15
A-1050, Vienna

Email: info@firearms-united.at

I/we (*) hereby request a refund for my/our (*) purchase of the following items (*)/the following services (*)

Date of purchase (*) / Date of delivery (*)

Full name of buyer

Address of buyer

Signature of buyer (only applicable in case of mail delivery)